Have you already completed the basic work training and do you want to develop further?
We have Trainee Programs for you that will help you start your career!

As an Advanced Trainee, you will be able to build on your previous experiences, use them and develop them further in practice. This, of course, entails the acquisition of new information and skills. You can also undergo other training. You can come to the internship either directly to our company or to the company of one of our partners, while our partner portfolio includes banks, companies operating in the field of fintech, etc. For this type of internship, it is especially important that you are solving more complex tasks in the following areas depending on what you specialize in: IT development, customer service, project management, data analytics, marketing & media, accounting and payment processing. After completing the internship, we will issue you a certificate that will help you apply in the labor market when you look for a job.


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